Our Services

Our Services


China-Hong Kong Logistic Services

At present, the close industrial and commercial trade relations between Hong Kong and the Mainland has driven transportation between China and Hong Kong to become more prosperous. It is essential to have a high-efficiency transportation fleet and strong coordination behind it
■   LMF/HKG has a variety of cargo trucks, e.g. 3-ton, 8-ton, 10-ton and container trucks as well to provide one-stop China-Hong Kong logistic consignment services. From picking up the shipment from customers and delivering into the consignee's hand after customs clearance, our operation staff and associated partners are racing against the clock to accomplish the mission
■   Cooperating with the LMF stations in the Mainland, we aim to make the shipment most efficient. We also provide air-ride suspended trailers and flatbed truck to transport aircraft engines and large with high value instruments


Domestic Logistic Services 

Provide services like loading and unloading of bulk cargo in and out of warehouse/airport, container hauling, loading, demolition, storage
■   Local distribution and other value-added services (e.g. change of packaging and labels, separating items, pallets etc.)
■   "One-stop" diversified comprehensive services to meet the different needs of major customers with high-quality and efficiency
■   Warehouse insurance(include basic public warehouse insurance, fire, water, burglary insurance and third party liability insurance)
■   Standard warehouse facilities
■   Divided into coded areas for cargo separation

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