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Our Services

GPS Vehicle Tracking

GPS Vehicle Positioning and Monitoring System


Real-time understanding of cargo transportation situation
  When the transport vehicle is in transit, the vehicle's location can be tracked in real-time, so that the delivery status can be communicated to the customer at any time. This allows customers to have a more accurate understanding of the delivery time.


Prevent theft and ensure safety
  Through GPS positioning, the situation of the transport vehicle and cargo can be understood in a timely manner. Electronic corresponding enclosures are set up from the starting point route to the unloading point. When the vehicle enters or exits the enclosure, an alert message will be received by the monitoring personnel, reminding them to take preventive measures in a timely manner to prevent the risk of vehicle and cargo theft or loss.


Query of past records
  In addition to real-time tracking of cargo transportation, past driving records for a certain period of time (within six months) can also be queried, which provides customers with additional security.

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