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Leader Mutual - Chengdu branch successfully completed the AN-124 Large Cargo Aircraft transportation project



On September 30, the day before the China National Day holiday, Leader - Chengdu branch received the request from AVIC Chengfei Civil Aircraft Co., Ltd. for the export operation and customs declaration of the AN-124 chartered flight. The company attaches great importance to it, and immediately established a special group led by the general manager and deputy general manager of Leader - Chengdu branch, with the participation of packaging, land transportation, export, customs, airport operations and other departments to solve this problem. The difficulty of this work lies in the fact that the size of the goods is super long and super wide, and the packaging itself is a problem; all the widths of the passages entering the apron cannot meet the requirements of the direct entry of the goods into the apron; The transportation of goods with a width of nearly six meters on urban roads will also face a very big test. Facing the above difficulties, and facing the seven-day National Day holiday, the outbound flight is determined to take off on the evening of October 21. The time left for us is very limited, and the time is tight and the task is heavy. Finally, a breakthrough was made on October 12th-it was determined that the emergency management center of the Airport Group would take the lead to drive the security inspection, cargo station, customs and other departments to complete the project together, and immediately made a detailed solution. On the evening of October 21, the chartered flight was successfully shipped and the project was successfully completed.

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